Jim Pooley to Speak at LES DC

The Licensing Executives Society (www.les.org) is having their big annual meeting soon in New York. Hope to see viewers there.

The Greater Washington, DC Chapter that I chair, covering the District, Northern Virginia and now Maryland has meetings throughout the region.  Many thanks to recent speakers and registrants for coming to the meetings.

At the next meeting, in DC on October 21, former Deputy head at WIPO and prominent attorney James Pooley will talk of issues in trade secret law.  Register at: http://www.lesusacanada.org/chapters/usa/washington-dc-chapter/october-21-2015-washington-dc-chapter-meeting

The November meeting is being finalized, and the holiday event is being posted.  The LES party will be on December 17, 2015 in Washington, DC.  See the DC Chapter post for more.  http://www.lesusacanada.org/chapters/usa/washington-dc-chapter

For those outside of the DC Metro area, thanks for reading about us!  If you have any suggestions or want to speak when you visit the area in future, please contact me.  Conversely, I am open to invitations to speak elsewhere.

Ray Van Dyke, 202.379.3903, vandyke@acm.org

Greater Washington, DC Chapter Chair for LES

Ray Van Dyke Teaches Intellectual Property Basics in Rockville, Maryland Starting October 6, 2015

As Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Section for the Bar Association of Montgomery County (BAMC), I am pleased to report that the IP Section plans a series of presentations on the fundamentals of intellectual property law for this Fall, Winter and Spring at the Bar headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.  http://montbar.site-ym.com/?62

With the increasing value of intellectual property in today’s economy, as well as the ongoing controversies, non-IP professionals, whether attorneys, scientists, business people, and interested citizens, all want to better understand the workings of these legal principles and tools.

The first meeting, October 6, 2015, will be a survey of the various IP rights to be covered in more detail in subsequent meetings, beginning on November 11 and December 1 and in 2016.

As the speaker, I can say that the material will cover not only the law, but will include anecdotes about famous cases and inventors, putting the material into the context of the times.  My materials have been collected and coalesced over the last 16 years as part of an in-depth course I teach at SMU to engineers, business people, teachers, students and other interested parties.

If anyone has any questions about the course and these meetings, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For attendees, I require an RSVP so that I can gauge the audience and handle logistics. So, if learning a little about IP law is of interest, this series of presentations will do the trick. I look forward to meeting you there!

Ray Van Dyke, Co-Chair, Intellectual Property Section, BAMC

202.378.3903  vandyke@acm.org