LinkedIn Limits

For many years, I have been freely linking with people around the world, some I know and some I just reached out to.  Likewise, I have received countless thousands of requests from other LinkedIn members, the majority of whom I do not know, and usually linked.  I had heard of LinkedIn members with over 50,000 or more connections, and thus did not limit my own efforts to interconnect with the world.  And then I hit a roadblock on that highway: the LinkedIn Limit.

Apparently, 30,000 is that limit.  This is a lot of connections, but I have been a member for a long time.  Thus, to the growing hundreds of people desirous of linking with me, I am not ignoring you.  LinkedIn wants me to cull among my interconnections, cutting off connections that are not useful or something.  I am mulling that over, wondering if I am being culled in a similar fashion since every few days someone drops off my own list – and the next person in the growing queue is a new connection.

Although there is joy in interconnecting itself, making “friends” with people you will never meet, LinkedIn forces us to focus on more practical things, more business, jobs or other such advantages.  With the rubber now meeting the road, and many good people now unable to connect to me, I must give up my whimsy, and now evaluate each person under a very different criteria.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow me.  In due course, when LinkedIn changes this policy (or I cull), I hope to connect with you.  Watch out for the speedbumps!