Celebrate World IP Day! April 26th

Every April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD).  This commemorative day was created many years ago by the World IP Organization in Geneva.  As the Chair of the Washington, DC Chapter for the Licensing Executives Society (LES), I have been championing this day for many years at the Chapter.  The intellectual properties, i.e., patent, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, are critically important in today’s economy, and I, as an intellectual property attorney, champion my clients in the protection of their various intellectual properties.

The celebration for this year, April 26, 2017, involves the use of Innovation for Improving Lives.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has graciously invited me to give a talk on this topic, technologies through history that improve lives and also the history of intellectual property.  My part of the program will begin at noon in the Madison Auditorium at the USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia.  I have today confirmed that the event is free and open to the public.

Earlier at 11 AM, however, a number of important people will be presenting, including the Chief Policy Officer of the USPTO, Shira Perlmutter, who will kick off the event. John Sandage, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Deputy Director General, Patent and Technology Sector, and Joseph Ferretti, Vice President and Chief Counsel, Global Trademarks at PepsiCo, Inc. and President of the International Trademark Association (INTA), will give opening remarks.

Beginning at about 11:15 a.m., two keynote speakers will address this year’s WIPD theme of Innovation: Improving Lives by showcasing technologies brought forward by their respective companies. Jeanine Hayes, Chief IP Officer of Nike, Inc., will present FlyEase technology. Mario Bollini, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Global Research Innovation and Technology, Inc. (GRIT), will demonstrate the all-terrain Freedom Chair for the disabled.

For those in the area, I welcome you to attend.  As noted, the event is open to the public, but is also focused on the Examiner Corps training.  Nonetheless, the speakers and I will be entertaining to all!  Please feel free to email me at vandyke@acm.org if you have any questions.


The Importance of Pi

Today is National Pi Day because the numbers of the day (3-14) match the first three digits for Pi, which is both an irrational and a transcendental number, i.e., the number is not a ratio or a root of any other numbers and the digits in Pi have no pattern (at least in the first few trillion digits).  Mathematicians have spent their lives trying to discern meaning in Pi.  Carl Sagan’s book (not the movie) Contact dealt with this theme at length where Pi contains messages from ancient beings, and where the main character Ellie gleans some preliminary meanings.

The earliest approximations of Pi by the Egyptians, Babylonians and Indians were fractions, e.g., 22/7, which is close to Pi, 3.14159265358….  The Greeks were famous in their efforts to “square the circle,” i.e., geometrically constructing a square having the same area as a given circle, and asking whether Euclid’s axioms posit the existence of such a number.  The Greeks and many others could not do it, which had profound implications to Plato regarding the usefulness of Euclid’s theorems to describe the real world.

To this day, the importance of Pi remains high since the number pervades much of Nature, and mathematicians are still calculating it.  Also, people love to recite the digits.  Piphilology is study of techniques for people to memorize the digits.  The record now is over 100,000.  As a mathematics/computer science major, I also memorized Pi – to about 20 decimals.

On a different note, today is also National Potato Chip Day, commemorating the 1853 (or so) creation of this snack.  Apparently, there are over 1,500 such “National” days for various things, in addition to national Weeks and Months. Happy Pi Day!

Raymond Van Dyke, Pi enthusiast

Silent Spring for Patents

Today the prominent IP website, http://www.ipwatchdog.com, published my piece about the ongoing and harmful effects of the AIA and the relentless efforts of a small number of high companies to undermine the patent system to squelch competition.  With the new Trump administration, the patent system may get a rebalancing, to correct the enormous shifts due to previous administration’s reliance on Google and other large tech corporations.

Ray Van Dyke

Article: www.ipwatchdog.com


Patent Damages Event Recap

As reported, the Greater Washington, DC Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) had a great Patent Damages Symposium on February 23, 2017.  Here is a link to some pictures from the event:  http://lesusacanada.site-ym.com/blogpost/1326845/269411/Patent-Damages-Symposium

Many thanks to the speakers and host firm, Sidley.

I and the DC Chapter of LES are planning for World IP Day, April 26, 2017, and for the LES Spring meeting here in Washington, DC.  We are planning a shindig for the evening of May 8th in connection with the Spring meeting.  Stay tuned.

Ray Van Dyke


Patent Damages Symposium in Washington, DC

On February 23, 2017 in Washington, DC, the Licensing Executives Society (www.les.org) is having a Patent Damages Symposium with prominent damages professionals and IP attorneys, including Krista Holt, CEO of GreatBridge Consulting, Inc, Ryan Morris, a partner at Sidley & Austin, Jennifer Vanderhart, PhD Economist and a Principal at Analytics Research Group, Robert L. Vigil, PhD,  Principal  at Analysis Group, Inc., and Raymond Van Dyke, Principal at Van Dyke Law.   We will talk about recent cases affecting patent damages, techniques for patent prosecutors to maximize damages and current trends in damages.

The link is http://www.lesusacanada.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=921187&group=160111

This meeting constitutes my additional efforts as the Greater Washington, DC Chapter Chair to promote the organization and otherwise help the IP profession and practitioners with practical programs.  For those in DC, Virginia and Maryland, please feel free to contact me if you have a speaker in mind or a topic that needs addressing. With the eclectic wants of the Greater DC membership, we have seen it all, and welcome more!  For those outside of the DC Metro area, thanks for reading about us!

If you have any suggestions or want to speak when you visit the area in future, please email me.  Conversely, I am open to invitations to speak elsewhere. Ray Van Dyke, 202.379.3903, vandyke@acm.org,  Greater Washington, DC Chapter Chair for LES, and Patent/IP practitioner.  http://www.rayvandyke.com

American Pride on 9/11

Driving South on I-95 to Washington, DC yesterday, just North of Baltimore, I saw several firetrucks and numerous flashing lights, and thought that there must be a terrible accident ahead.  Instead, on an overpass those firetrucks carried the American flag, and dozens of enthusiastic and patriotic Americans waved at all the cars passing underneath.  We waved back, and my wife took their photograph below.  At 15 years, although this national wound remains raw, we are healing, and this simple example of American pride moved me.

Ray Van Dyke, September 12, 2016


Copyrights for the Creative Community

For those in the Washington, DC area, I am speaking on the basics of Copyright for authors, videographers, and other artists for the Montgomery County Media group at  Montgomery County Television in Rockville, MD tomorrow, September 13, 2016 starting at 6:30 PM.  The address and to MCM are below:

Montgomery Community Television, Inc.
7548 Standish Place
Rockville, MD 20855

My wife and I have had the privilege of learning studio techniques, producing video, and other studio skills at MCM.  I hope that you can make this talk.

Ray Van Dyke Presentation to the Montgomery County Media organization description:

This lively presentation will cover the basics of copyright law and current issues showing the ongoing transformation of copyright.  Since creativity and copyright go hand-in-hand, this presentation will be both relevant and informative.

Ray Van Dyke is an intellectual property (IP) practitioner in Montgomery County and DC, handling patent, trademark, copyright and other legal matters for his clientele.  He is Co-Chair of the IP Section of the Montgomery County Bar Association, and active in many other IP and technical societies.  He also teaches IP law issues at several institutions, particularly Southern Methodist University, where he is an Adjunct Professor.

Please send me an email to let me know you are coming to the event.  vandyke@acm.org


The weblink to MCM: http://www.mymcmedia.org/